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Valley Flashing

Wood shingle exterior

Soffit vents

Roof Vents

Drip Edge Flashing

Gable​Roof Ridge

Vinyl exterior

Asphalt Shingles

Residential Home Inspection

A Watchmen Home Inspection covers Roofing, Foundation, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Attached Decking, Site drainage, Driveways, Porches and Patios, Neighborhood specific Hazards, Appliances, Fireplaces, Garage and Attic, Interior and Exterior, Insulation, Windows, and more.

4-Point Inspection

Insurance Companies sometimes request a 4-Point Inspection. This does not cover all safety systems in a home, but it can help save you money on insurance.

 Watchmen Property Inspection Residential Home, House and Commercial Property Inspections Ryan Fessler Tallahassee, FL 32311 Florida Home Inspector license - #HI10797 Cell - 850 728 3156 Web site: email: Watchmen Property Inspection provides residential home, house and commercial property inspection services in Tallahassee and the adjoining area. Our mission is to provide high quality inspection services that comply with and exceed the State of Florida and all Associations Standards of Practice. Our inspectors are licensed and certified. 4 point four point Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wanna save cash on your insurance?Depending on your provider, a Wind Mitigation Inspection may lower the bill. Watchmen inspect for certain building techniques applied in order to limit damage caused by intense wind. Be prepared and find out how secure your home really is.

Asphalt Shingle Roof


Joint Compound

Sidewall flashing



New Construction Inspection

Inspection on a brand new home? Absolutely. Research for yourself how vital it is to have your baby building inspected. I've seen too many new homes filled with safety defects. The support, advice, and information you'll gain from a Watchmen Inspection is well worth the investment.


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